The   Howard   Theatre

308   North   Main   Street  

Taylor,  Texas   76574

(512)  352-2995

Entertaining our community
and sparking imaginations
since 1914

NOW SHOWING....."Pride Prejudice and Zombies"   (PG-13)....."Kung Fu Panda 3"  (PG).

Reserve the Howard Theatre for



$60 per hour for one auditorium.   $80 per hour if you want BOTH auditoriums.

EMAIL us for details.


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The  Howard Theatre

  Needs  YOUR  HELP  

We are starting a crowd-funding campaign to raise the funds necessary for us to replace the HVAC system in our main auditorium.

It isnt going to be an easy job, and it certainly isnt going to be an inexpensive job; but with your help, I think we can make it happen.

Marx Services, here in Taylor, has really come through (again) for the theatre and is doing everything that they can to help us make this project doable.

To raise the funds, we are allocating every penny of the donations given at our register directly to the HVAC project starting on October 30th.

Additionally, we are starting a "FundAnything" campaign to allow donation without having be in the theatre.    (But we still hope yall come see us, anyhow).

I will include a link to the "FundAnything" campaign as soon as I have it launched.  

We just need a few dollars (a bunch of times) to get there.   Anything helps.  As the saying goes...we dont want your rent money...but if you can spare a little here and will be GREATLY appreciated.

As always:

Thank you for thinking of The Howard Theatre

Our Professional Technology Support is provided by :

They are same local, reliable, affordable IT support service provider who has
taken great care of us for SIX years.....and counting.

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Coming  SOON:


    Showtimes for     Feb 5 - 7    OPEN  WEEKENDS ONLY    


Kung  Fu  Panda  3

Pride, Prejudice and ZOMBIES



Rated  PG   1hr   45min

      PG-13     2hr  00min 



    6:30   9:30               


                6:45       9:45

3:30    6:30   9:30            


     3:45    6:45      9:45

           3:30    6:30                      


     3:45     6:45 










Closed              Thu                  Closed

Show times subject to change or cancellation (Cuz sometimes "stuff" happens)

Please check back here often, or call our box office at 352-2995

You can also follow us onFacebook logo and find us on 

We are still available for private party reservations on most days.

Our theatre includes a wide array of electronics offering the ability to reserve the auditoriums for private viewings of DVD's, video tapes, computer presentations, computer and X-Box and Play Station games...

ALL on our big-screens and through our really big sound systems!

Howard Theatre day picture

Admission price is $6.50 per person.

This is for ALL shows, ALL times, ALL seats, and ALL ages for only $6.50!!!

(Infants who sit in their parents laps are free because they don't take up one of our seats.  

Adults who sit in your lap.....uhhhh...   $6.50)

Nothing in the concession area is over $5.00!!!

We now accept credit cards.

Affordable entertainment for
the WHOLE family.

Parents please enjoy the show
WITH your kids

Meet me at The Howard!

Howard Theatre night picture


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